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How Immediate Nexus Was Born

In November 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $68,000, prompting many new traders to begin learning the fundamentals. Experts then predicted that Bitcoin's value is likely to keep growing in the following years, so needless to say, many were eager to reap the benefits.

However, trading has never been an easy task; it requires dedication, patience, and skill to successfully pull it off. While trading can be learned by anyone who's up for it, it still requires hard work and time, which not many people are willing to spend.

One of the main reasons why newbies don't fully dive into trading is because it is too time-consuming. Becoming a professional trader can definitely consume a lot of spare time, which ultimately dissuades many people from trading.

However, in recent years trading has become much more accessible and user-friendly. This doesn't mean that you have to work as hard to acquire the necessary knowledge, but it can become more streamlined.

A great way to learn the fundamentals of trading is by using a trading platform. These platforms are developed to provide a one-stop shop where you can trade on several assets. Platforms such as Immediate Nexus have all the information you need in order to learn how to make smarter trading decisions, and that’s what can make them appealing to beginners.

Unfortunately, not every platform is optimized enough to keep up with trends, putting users at a disadvantage. The team at Immediate Nexus has been studying trading platforms for years and decided to use that information to create the definitive trading experience for every user; this is how Immediate Nexus was born.

What is Bitcoin?

Understanding what Bitcoin is can be the key to having a proper start in trading. To explain it in a nutshell, Bitcoin is a digital asset (known as cryptocurrency) that's available worldwide and can be used to make international purchases.

The main benefit of Bitcoin is that it's a decentralized asset, meaning that you don't need to go through banking or government regulations to get a transaction approved. Instead, each transaction is stored on a public server (Blockchain), which helps prevent fraud.

To get Bitcoin, you need to set up a digital wallet; this financial tool can be acquired at many different trading platforms. Keep in mind that each platform may charge you a different fee for using that service, but it usually isn't too high.

Once you get your Bitcoin wallet, you're free to start making purchases or receiving Bitcoin from other people. Each Bitcoin wallet comes with a private key that you need to store in a secure place; if you don't do this, your funds may be lost forever due to the heavy encryption that these wallets have.

What Does Bitcoin Trading Involve?

Bitcoin trading is one of the most popular ways to get into the Bitcoin market. It involves speculating on its value at a particular point in time and executing trading transactions based on keeping a close eye on market fluctuations. This means that there are risks to trading since there's no way to accurately predict the price that Bitcoin is going to land in the future.

To make trading more efficient, you can utilize information about market fluctuations and new trends made accessible to you by the platform, and do your own market analysis or seek for more information from your account manager. You can then use the information to devise your trading strategy, with the help of your account manager, who can send you prompts, show you trading options that suit your goals and preferences and even help you personalize your trading strategy.

The trading process itself isn't what takes up most of the time; it's the constant analysis of information that may get you to spend hours figuring out what to do. While many professional traders don't mind spending all day creating efficient trading strategies, it isn't as viable for beginners who are just looking to learn.

Thanks to Immediate Nexus, this process becomes fairly easier and more accessible for most people. But, you still have to spend some time researching and creating your trading strategy.

What Benefits Can You Get from Immediate Nexus?

Immediate Nexus is a unique trading platform that was designed for traders of every skill level. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, it can be easily managed to get the knowledge that you need to start trading.

Immediate Nexus is not supposed to trade for you because that's impossible. The main goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to learn trading in a faster, more accessible way.

Aside from saving time on your general trading sessions, Immediate Nexus comes packed with several features that could be very interesting. If you want to learn more about these extra features, keep reading!

Device Compatibility

Some trading platforms limit you to using them only on a computer. However, this is not the case with Immediate Nexus; you can use it on any device with access to an internet connection and browser. The platform is well-adapted, so it could be used on most smart devices, so you're definitely going to have a smooth trading experience regardless of where you trade.

If you want the best experience possible, you can use two separate devices to access your account; this way, you don't lose track of your trading session, allowing you to make adjustments whenever you need them.

Easy Setup

On average, you can get started with the platform in under an hour. If you're an expert trader, you may take even less than 30 minutes to get started, which is much less time than traditional trading.

All of Immediate Nexus's features are carefully laid out for you in a friendly user interface; if there's anything that you don't understand, you can read the step-by-step guide so that you get a better idea of how everything works. The key to proper trading is to take your time, and with Immediate Nexus, you can take as much as you need.

Fast Money Management

Managing your money has never been easier! Some platforms might make you go through many steps to fund or withdraw your account, which may overwhelm you and make you quit before you even start. To get ahead of the problem, Immediate Nexus platform is user friendly and keeps money management as simple as possible.


Immediate Nexus is continually getting upgraded to keep up with the latest market trends. If you choose to log into the platform, you're going to be greeted with several new features that may work for your specific trading strategy. If there's something that you don't like, you can change it. As soon as you do it, the platform is going to quickly adapt so that your account manager could look for trading opportunities based on that new input and present you with options to consider.

How to Sign Up for Immediate Nexus in Three Steps

A platform's registration process doesn't have to be complicated; all you need to start with Immediate Nexus is a few minutes of your time to get your account fully set up and ready to go! Here are the steps you need to follow if you're interested in registering.

Step One – Registration

If you decide to register, first, fill in your contact information to create your account. To start, please enter your:

Full name
E-mail address
Phone number

Once you get a confirmation email, you’ll be connected to the broker’s website, where you can enter the login credentials. Once you log in there, using the credentials you received upon registration, you’ll be redirected to the platform, and you can start your trading journey.

Step Two – Financials

Once you receive a verification mail, log in through the broker’s website to gain full access to your new Immediate Nexus account. After this is done, you can browse the platform and check its features thoroughly. It’s best if you take your time and do some research or ask your account manager to present for you some options to consider before you select any specific features for your trading strategy.

Before you start live trading, make sure to fund your account with an investment of your choice. You may start with the minimum to kick-off your first couple of sessions.

Step Three – Trading

Finally, you can begin your trading journey. Remember to verify that your input is correct before you start to avoid any mistakes. If there's ever something that you don't want on your trading strategy, feel free to adjust your settings; you can also do so with the help of the account manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin may not be easy to understand at first, especially if you haven't heard of cryptocurrencies before. To help you get off on the right foot in trading, here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding Bitcoin and Immediate Nexus.

Feel free to go through this list to find any additional information you may need about the platform!

Is Trading on Immediate Nexus Secure?

Yes! All the transactions that you make within the platform are placed in a heavily secured network. This network stores all the information from your transactions on a heavily encrypted server, making it virtually impossible for anyone to modify that information and execute fraud transactions.

Is Trading on Immediate Nexus Hard?

While it may take a while for beginners to get used to the platform’s features, it's not complicated at all. Every part of the platform is very intuitive for all users, regardless of their current skill level.

Keep in mind that you're going to learn more and more with each session, so it’s only going to get faster and easier.

What Can You Expect from Immediate Nexus?

You can use it to learn the fundamentals of trading or try to optimize your trading sessions with additional help and suggestions from your account manager. Keep in mind that Immediate Nexus is not supposed to do everything for you, nor can it promise any results, since trading is a speculative activity.

However, with the platform, you can expect a much faster learning pace if you don't know anything about trading. A big part of each trading session is monitoring market data.

Do You Need Experience to Start Trading?

The platform was made for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. Even if you didn't know what Bitcoin was until you read this page, you have a better chance of learning by using Immediate Nexus.

How Much Time Do You Need to Trade With Immediate Nexus?

You need about 30 to 40 minutes to get Immediate Nexus set up. However, you must take your time and not rush the setup process since it's the most important step. When you've decided on what settings suit your needs the best, you can go ahead to start trading.

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Registering to the platform is the first step you have to take, and it's the easiest one. If you are interested in joining, fill out the registration form!

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